Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rivers of Grace

Have you ever tried journaling your prayers?  What about doodling your prayers?  Well, that's kind of what it means to art journal your prayers.  Its kind of an artsy form of doodling that incorporates the wordy part of journaling.  Sound like fun?  Or does it sound like nonsense?  Well, it actually is very therapeutic and meditative.  The art part of the journaling process allows for time to pray and even think through what you may have studied that day.  

Here is an art journal page I did using notes I took from one of my husband's sermons.  (See, I really do listen)  

This is not a quick process.  It takes time -if done during your daily prayer time, it can take several days.  Hurrying would ruin the whole process.  I find it to be an enriching experience to my prayer and Bible study.